SEL Student Planners

Student planners provide an SEL lesson every week of the school year that is based on the CASEL competencies and requires no planning on the teacher's part. Each planner guides students through a scaffolded-approach designed for experiential learning and reflective practices.

This is a great turnkey resource for to help teachers introduce the SEL framework to their students.

  • Providing engaging lessons and activities for students grades kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Using the CASEL competencies to show how students and teachers can develop their SEL skills and how these competencies overlap with one another.
  • Creating easy-to-use lessons so teachers don’t need to plan their SEL lesson and students can learn anywhere — at school, in small groups, online, or at home

Engaging Lessons

Lessons for safe communication and collaboration with peers. Appropriately sequenced activities that target each CASEL competency.

CASEL Aligned

CASEL-aligned lessons and activities. Logically sequenced lessons and activities.


Opportunities for students to self-monitor their progress. 10 week goal "check-ins" and reflection activities.

Student Focused

Student-centered activities with real-world applications. Over 40 weeks of turnkey lessons. Accessible and appropriate lessons for diverse learners

Goal Setting

Space for students leadership and taking responsibility for their learning.

Teacher Support

New COVID-19 and parent remote learning resources. Free teacher resources for orders over 250 copies

CASEL-aligned themes include:

  • Identity and Mindset (self-awareness skills)

  • Courage and Kindness (relationship skills)

  • A Place to Belong (social-awareness skills)

  • A Healthy Well-being (self-management & responsibility decision-making skills)

SEL Student Planners

SEL curriculum that is classroom ready

SEL Student Planner Grades K-2 (Elementary School)

SEL Student Planner Grades 3-5 (Elementary School)

SEL Student Planner Grade 6 (Middle School)

SEL Student Planner Grade 7 (Middle School)

SEL Student Planner Grade 8 (Middle School)

SEL Student Planner Grade 9 (High School)

SEL Student Planner Grade 10 (High School)

SEL Student Planner Grade 12 (High School)

SEL Student Planner Grade 11 (High School)


Practical tools to make you an SEL practioner