Wellbeing & Mindfulness Student Journals

These thoughtfully sequenced journals start with teaching students how to create their wellbeing, then progress to doing activities to grow their wellbeing both personally and academically, and end with developing abilities and skills to extend their wellbeing.

Wellbeing lessons focused on 6 elements: Strengths and Emotions, Positive Engagement, Relationships and Optimism, Skills and Achievement, Exercise and Vitality, and Meaning and Purpose.

Each Wellbeing & Mindfulness Student Journal includes the following types of activies and lessons for your students:

Wellbeing Bank

By making the effort to do one or more of the activities daily will build your wellbeing bank, which you can draw on to overcome challenges, setbacks and obstacles.

Resilience Builders

Resilience Builders emphasize team-building, conflict resolution and resiliency skills.

Character Strength

The 24 character strengths are positive personal qualities which make who you are as person. Every student has their own special mix of them which you use in every thought, word and action.

Strength Booster

The strength boosters are activities that give you opportunities to use your strengths in different ways to build wellbeing

Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness activities to help students relax and feel calm with end of week reflections to allow space for students to think about their wellbeing.

Wellbeing Fitness

Neuroscience has shown that with every new experience you have, your brain changes and that you can grow your brain's abilities in all areas of life. Just like a physical workout, the wellbeing fitness challenges stretches your abilities to grow your wellbeing

Wellbeing & Mindfulness Student Journals

Something for every student

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